Timing & HTD Pulleys

Size Table for Timing & HTD Pulleys
PITCHNo. of TeethMax. Bore
Min Max mm inch
L 10 120 50 2.0
T & AT 14 156 75 3.0
H 14 156 75 3.0
5M 28 150 50 2.0
8M 22 192 100 4.0
14M 28 216 100 4.0

Catalog of Timing Pulleys (European Standard)

Catalog of Timing Pulleys ( Pilot Bore)

XL037,  L050,  L075,  L100,  H075,  H100,  H150,  H200,  H300,  XH200,  XH300,  XH400 

Catalog of Timing Pulleys ( Taper Bore)

Form of Timing pulleys

L050,  L075,L100,  H100,H150,  H200,H300

Catalog of Standard Toother Bars

HTD Timing Belt Pulleys

Form of HTD Timing Pulleys

3M-09, 3M-15,   5M-09, 5M-15,   5M-25, 8M-20,  8M-30, 8M-50,  8M-85, 14M-40,  14M-55, 14M-85,  14M-115, 14M-170

HTD Taper bore Timing Pulleys

Form of HTD Taper bore timing pulleys

8M-20, 8M-30,  8M-50, 8M-85,  14M-40, 14M-55,  14M-85, 14M-115,

Metric Pitch Timing Pulleys

T2.5, T5(1),  T5(2),  T10(1), T10(2),

Catalog of Standard Toothed Bars T2.5,  T5,  T10 

Metric Pitch for <AT>  Belt Pulleys

BAT5(1),  BAT5(2),  BAT10(1),  BAT10(2), BAT10(3)

Standard Toother Bar BAT5, Bat10

Flanges for Pulleys

Pulleys Flanges Dimensions 

 Catalog of Timing Pulleys (American Standard)


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